Big Red Calculator - Official Calculator of the National Debt The Big Red Calculator, a 16-digit calculator, makes your old calculator is extinct!

16-digit display, tax function,memory function, 112 check step function,auto play, square root, mark up, round up or round down, decimal display select
Big Red Calculator, The Official Calculator Of The National DebtBig Red Calculator, The Official Calculator Of The National Debt
The Big Red Calculator is capable of displaying very large numbers like "Trillions", or calculating the National Debt and the Federal Budget Deficit. For business, office and home use. Large digits allow easy viewing and large sure-feel buttons make ...
  • 16-Digit Large LED Display
  • Tax, Mark Up and Memory Ideal for Business and Finance
  • 112 Step Check and Correct for Long Calculations
  • Solar / Battery Powered
  • "Official Calculator of the National Debt"

The Big Red Calculator, a 16-digit calculator, makes your old calculator extinct!  First we owed millions.  Then it was   billions!   And now-thanks to those wonderful people who brought you deficit spending, we've shattered the trillion-dollar ceiling.  It truly is a proud moment.  But how can the average American keep track of such an incomprehensible number?  The answer is Big Red Calculator.  It is  "the official calculator of the national debt".  Endorsed by professional spenders! Ensuring that "no digit is left behind",  this calculator displays the largest collection of zeros ever assembled.

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